Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Words To Live By

After my 60th birthday, one of the party trays now serves as my kitchen sink backsplash.

In a pinch, I can measure by metric standards 
and tell the difference between salt and pepper shakers.

An antique butter crock stashes my loose cash...

... and a magnetic push-pin board (used as the range backsplash) holds everyday cooking herbs.

Not-so-everyday herbs stand like sentinels on a high shelf above the range,
awaiting the day they'll be used. Mostly, it's the handscript
 on the containers that appeals to me, adding charm to my kitchen decor.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In the Company of Angels

Our newest cherub with his "kiy-cat".
The lilting sounds of  THE PRIESTS
soothe the mood in the room.
As I hum along with Be Still My Soul,
Landon's eyelids lower and close
and he drifts away to a peaceful place.

Click HERE for a youtube video of The Priests singing Be Still My Soul.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lisianthus & Limeade

Trader Joe has eluded me for years.
Yes, I've been a TJ virgin all my life...until yesterday.
He popped up in a mall in the newest West Des Moines development
and I couldn't wait to put a shiny red shopping cart in motion.

I came out with California peaches,
the dark chocolate lover's chocolate bar,
Jasmine green tea,
and Trader Joe's French Market sparkling limeade
(LOVE the labels).

Perfect for an afternoon on the balcony
overlooking the waterway below.

Have you been to Trader Joe's?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Changing places...

I've been a less-than-attentive blogger for the last month or so.
And I apologize for not visiting you as often as I wished.
It's because of all the changes.

First, the move from our fall/winter/spring home in Florida
to our summer place in Iowa.

We're "learning" everything all over again, getting re-acquainted with our new old place.
Finding the answers to where we keep the cereal bowls,
 the shaker of lemon pepper, and the dish detergent.

It's a simple place~~short on material possessions, humble and practical.
A good thing, we note, when we see the many shifting properties
and busy schedules of our children's growing families.

Our bedroom is a sanctuary after attending ballgames, birthday parties, and family runs~~
a soft place to fall after a day or two of helping with a garage sale
meant to clear irrelevant goods from our son's house. More space is needed for their active toddler.

And then there's the big change across town~~our daughter
 and her family are packing up all of their earthly possessions for a move to a larger house~~
changing schools, neighbors, living spaces, and day-to-day routines.
 We're about to pitch in on the transfer of goods.