Wednesday, September 15, 2010


He smiles up at me from his playtime saucer, amused.
 Shyly, I sing to him, buoyed by the music from a compact-disc player nearby and, as I float along on a blissful flute melody, his eyes light up and his expression changes to something resembling rapture--
a wondrous look I've not seen on his face before.
Suddenly, I'm overwhelmed by the beauty of his baby face and
gratitude for his glowing appreciation for my simple song.
 "Oh, you're so beautiful!" I say and, suddenly, great tears of joy well up from my heart, filling the space between my ears. I hide my reddening, ugly-cry face behind my hands.
Puzzled, he follows me with his eyes to learn what gives.
But I'm unable to mask my turned-down mouth with a goofy smile, and, in a moment, his chin begins to tremble with empathy and his tiny lips turn downward to match mine.
 Sobbing, he reaches his arms upward and I pull him to me in embrace.

We hold together, connected heart to heart, his chubby arms wrapped about my neck.
 At first, we sob loudly to let go of the urge to cry. Then our heartbeats, steady and sure, bring calm. Soon only a few, quiet sobs of air bobbling in his lungs are left. I hum softly behind his ear and we sway side-to-side with the music. For a minute longer, we hold together, fascinated by the mystery and wonder of this strange moment of connection, this kiss from God so alive with love.
 Then we turn to the mantel mirror to look at our tear-stained faces and smile again.

+      +      +

Down-to-earth souls we are, connecting by way of the senses--touching, tasting, seeing, hearing, and smelling our ways into each other's worlds. At times, we touch upon the pleasures of a sixth sense--the mysterious ability to know love in larger forms.

+ William Shakeseare
If music be the food of love, play on...

Monday, September 13, 2010

State Fair Prizewinner

A lovely lady, garmented in light
From her own beauty.
+ Percy Bysshe Shelley