Monday, July 5, 2010

Simple Flower Arranging

While working on magazine sets as a stylist,
I'm often asked for quick flower arrangements to soften a corner,
 naturalize the scene,
 or bring the photographer's composition more color.
Tulips, peonies and gerberas, hydrangeas and seeded eucalyptus are my favorite go-to flowers--
they're casual, amenable, full of grace--and easily inhabit a vase with little work on my part.

Here are few styling habits I practice--
perhaps you'll find them useful for flowers at your house.

+ To take the guesswork out of where to cut flower stems,
 place the vase near the edge of the counter where you're working
 (a sink and kitchen counter is a perfect place).
 Holding each stem next to the vase at the height you want it to be in the final arrangement,
 snip it near the bottom of the vase before placing it inside.

+ To make flower arranging easier and keep the vase water clean,
 strip the leaves from the portion of the stems that will fall below the waterline. 

+ Large-mouthed containers often need a device for keeping flowers evenly spaced.
 Make a lattice or grid across the top of the container from strips of floral tape.

+ A bud vase requires just a few distinctive stems.
 For pleasing balance, make the tallest element two-thirds higher than the vase.

+ To camouflage floral foam in a glass vase,
 line the container with moss or broad, flat foliage,
 such as tulip leaves before inserting the water-soaked foam.

+ To keep arrangements totally simple, I prefer using only one kind of flower per vase.
 Mixing flowers brings second-guessing and complexity.

Off set, I practice these habits at home.
Today's blog flowers were clipped from Kim's copious garden.
Thanks, Kim!!!


lakeviewer said...

And a Happy Week to you! Lovely concepts.

S. Etole said...

Great tips ... and I like the pitcher with the hydrangeas in it.

Stacey Dawn said...

Lovely image - thanks for the tips!! Fresh flowers in the house always make such a big difference! They really lift my spirits!!

mimi said...

I love the white dishes and the pitcher with the hydrangeas in it are simply... lovely.I wish my garden had some of that color of hydrangeas in it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these tips on flower arranging. I like the idea of using just one type of flower for simplicity.

mise said...

Lovely hydrangeas, beautifully displayed. And photographed in old glory style! Good tips, those, especially keeping it simple with only one sort of flower.

RuneE said...

Thank you for the tips. Not only do you keep your floral arrangements simple - your photographic compositions too - as they should be.

Pooch Morning Glory said...

gorgeous colours in that photo, and looks simple enough even for me :)
have a great day

Shellbelle said...

This photo is simply gorgeous, the hydrangeas are so beautiful. I see exactly what your talking about when you write that floral arrangements will effect the composition. These were the perfect choice for this setting. Just beautiful! What a fun and interesting job you have.

simpledaisy said...

Thanks for the tips!!!
I love hydrangeas!! So pretty in the summertime:)

ELK said...

it works well from what i see ...your arrangement is lovely

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Owww this is a true beauty, the way you've shot this picture I mean. And yea I have those in my garden too and love them but don't wanna cut them because...oh well what the hack I will do so just after I finished this.
They are to beautiful....hugs and many thanks for the tips.
Hugs D.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful and thanks for the arranging tips!!

Jeanne :)

Jeanne Klaver said...

I printed your tips for future reference. Thank you!