Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Suddenly Spring

I'm feeling it. Winter's made its last blast on Florida's open-air plants. Soon the trees will cut their losses, surrender damaged limbs, and grow replacements.

Meanwhile, my sister and I take a brief but sweet reprieve from the browned-out landscape.

The revolving door turns slowly as it transports us into an Alice-in-Wonderland world of waterfalls, misted air, and 20,000 shades of delicious greens and voracious plants.

Springtime hangs from pergolas and posts, vines and vessels.

The rainforest conditions of the under-glass garden support a host of greens, such as this necklace of leaves adorning a moss-covered rock.

I'm familiar with caladiums, a popular tropical houseplant, but the 20-inch length of these leaves is astounding.

Known for epiphytes (plants that fasten themselves to other plants without taking sustenance from them), the Selby Gardens Conservatory houses an amazing collection. Case in point: The pitcher plant, a carnivore, hangs from a tree support where it's free to trap insects in a prey-attracting cavity formed by a cupped leaf filled with a nectar bribe. When the unsuspecting victims explore the pitfall, they're turned into bug juice for the pitcher plant to drink.

Nature is such a show-off!


Ron said...

Can't wait to see if my pictures are anything close to as good as yours are. With such subjects, how do you miss? Thanks for taking me for such a lovely treat.


lakeviewer said...

Tell me these were not taken this winter. Otherwise, I'll die from envy.

Jeanne Klaver said...

Absolutely amazing. These are such a delight to see after all these gray days in Pennsylvania. Now that our beautiful white snow is black from road dirt, I crave the colors in your photos. Thank you for cheering me up!

becky at abbeystyle said...

hi lakeviewer, yes, I took those pictures this winter--last tuesday

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Ahhh...look what under glass can behold.

We, on the other hand...saw hail and are expecting the 30's again tonight.

The joy...the joy.

RuneE said...

That looked nice indeed. I shall NOT say that I envy you (but I do) :-)

Kim J said...

I would love to see some GREEN (in person), I'm so tired of WHITE. Thanks for the nice getaway.

Dimple said...

I'm not familiar with most of these plants, what variety! The white and yellow flowers in the first shot are precious.
Good weekend to you, too!

Ribbon said...

Everybody loves Spring... it's a long way off from where I am.
We're still in the heat of Summer.

I've not long returned from the beach.
My garden looks brown and is longing for some rain.

Yours looks wonderful :)

Average Terran said...

Amazing looking pictures! I would be truly honored if you gave your poetic advice on my blogs of poetry and follow them.

Grant Guda
The Wannabe Poet