Friday, November 27, 2009

Wild Horses

And wild horses couldn't drag me away
And wild horses couldn't drag me away.

Yes, they can.

I should be writing a story, getting on with the to-do list.

But Susan Boyle's lilting Scottish voice, singing Mick Jagger's "w..i..i.i..ld horses" takes me back to Iceland and the steeds corraled by the roadside, the cold wind blowing their manes and tails, tundra and mountain ranges in the distance. Impatiently, the horses wait for riders to release them from the enclosure. While they wait, they butt heads and push each other about. I'm a close-up witness to the wild power of pure-bred horses.

Can't get them (or the song) out of my head.


RuneE said...

That first one was a real hit - I hope they did not harm you in their play.

PS Thank you for the comment. There will be more (they are on my disks), but at the moment I'm not sure how, where or when.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

WHAAA??? Get right back to writing your story...Missy!


These beasts have a real soft spot in our hearts...we spend so much time with them for kidlet #4.They are so amazingly intelligent....and well, just above the frey.

Stunning have captured their soul, Becky.

Now...Write, girl...write!